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Greatest customers ever!!

Here at COEX, we have been working like crazy to keep up with the outrageously high demand for filament. Our customers are always special to us but these past few weeks have proven just how special you all really are – while many people continue to follow the stay at home orders, our customers are keeping their printers running around the clock to make various items and parts of PPE to help get us all through this COVID-19 pandemic.

We do apologize that many of you have experienced longer lead times on our filaments than you have been accustomed to. For our new and first time customers, many of you may think that these lead times are normal – they are surely not normal. Please bear with us as we work to get our heads above water.

We do have a plan that we hope will allow us to bring down our lead times while still being able to get you filaments quickly so that you can keep your printers running.

While demand remains high for 1.75mm PLA, we would recommend that you choose from the following colors: White, Black, Stone Grey, Salsa Red and Cobalt Blue. Our intention is that by the week of April 27th that we will have all of these colors available and in stock for immediate shipment.

If you still need any of our other products or exciting colors we encourage you to place your orders as you normally would. Please be patient with us and understand that you may have to wait a little longer to receive these other items until the COVID-19 demand subsides.

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