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What is the Coex Community?

Coex Community is the perfect way for our customers to showcase their work and also learn from other 3D printing enthusiasts. Whether your company uses 3D printer filament in rapid prototyping, or you are printing at a local Makerspace or in your home, this community allows everyone to connect and share.

We want to hear about your project!

By showcasing projects with our filament, you can help us work toward perfecting our products to show others what is possible in the 3D printing world. Coex Community allows customers who use our 3D printer filament to:

  1. Upload and share photos, videos and descriptions of their 3D printing projects.
  2. Provide insight on their printing techniques.
  3. Showcase Coex 3D printing filament capabilities.

How it works

Participation in the community is simple. Join Our Facebook Community and share your 3D printing project! Your project will show on the Coex LLC website and our Facebook Group. Following is a list of information you may consider including:

  • Description of your project
  • Type of 3D printer filament
  • 3D printer filament diameter
  • Filament color
  • Type of printer

Have fun! We can’t wait to hear from you!