About Coex and Our Team


Our success is a producing great products manufactured by great people.

You can see it in our smiles!


Our mission is to be a world leader in the development and manufacture of the highest quality plastic filament solutions for 3D printing.


At Coex 3D, our belief system is based on Christian values which are the guiding principles influencing everything we do and how we do it.

  • Fun: Do what you love and have fun doing it!
  • Innovation: Evolving minds meet the needs of a changing world.
  • Leadership: Be a positive example and others will follow your lead.
  • Trust: Trust is an essential building block in successful relationships.
  • Excellence: Don’t settle for anything less than excellence.
  • Respect: People are respectable only as they respect others.



Coex 3D will always develop, produce, and supply exceptional products and services that:

  • Our customers prefer over all other options.
  • Our customers recommend to family, friends, and business associates.
  • Our employees take pride in.


Todd Louthain Coex

Todd Louthain, Owner / Director of Sales

Todd joined the Coex team in April of 2020 and dove head-first into the position leading the business and heading up Sales and Marketing. As Todd continued to learn more about the business and about the exciting future of Additive Manufacturing he made the decision to purchase the business from the previous owners and turn Coex 3D into a truly employee owned business.  “With our entire team having an ownership interest in the business we are constantly focused on producing filaments that meet our own high standards of quality and performance” says Todd.

Todd has a degree in Marketing and Business Administration but really has a passion for creating and maintaining customer relationships and learning new things.  He also has a talent for examining how things work and what it takes to maximize production which has come from his 20+ years of working for The Village Companies (previous owners) in and around manufacturing environments.

Todd loves any opportunity to speak with our customers, suppliers, and delivery folks and makes it clear that *everyone* he meets is an opportunity for him to learn something new.  Outside of his Coex life, you can generally find him out in his workshop at home or riding his Harley-Davidson Street Glide with his wife Joy on the seat behind him.  He is a fun-loving, adventurous guy with a big smile and a big heart, always ready with an entertaining story or joke.


Josh Bonnin, 3D Printing and Technical Support

Josh joined the Coex team in 2020 after working as an engineer with an arcade game company since 2009. His designs are in many arcades around the world.  He brings years of technical and 3d printing knowledge that helps our customers and control our quality. Josh is a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for, not only for 3d printing capabilities today, but also for what 3d printing could be in the future.


When Josh isn’t helping customers or printing, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing around with the latest tech, or just relaxing on his boat with his wife Erin.


A dedication to Ashten Saeger

Ashten Saeger was co-owner of Coex LLC before her unexpected passing in 2017. She was a strong, caring, and compassionate leader who formed the backbone of this company in its infancy. She took great pride in leading Coex by example, embodying the values upon which this company stands. With her 1,000-watt smile, infectious laugh, and proclivity for empathy, Ashten had the natural ability to draw people to her as soon as she stepped into a room. Her positive outlook and optimistic vision for Coex lives on in the members of our team.