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Spool Return Progam

Spool Return Progam


You may have seen our Earth Day email and social posts on April 22nd. Coex 3D is proud to have an "eco-friendly" PLA in our lineup called CoexNext™. This filament is made from scrap material that unfortunately is an unavoidable byproduct of extruding 3D filament. We repurpose it and do our part to keep as much out of the landfill as possible. Every time we promote and remind our customers about CoexNext™ it generates a lot of conversation and comments. For example, because of our Earth Day promo, we learned that many of our customers apparently aren't aware of our Spool Return Program.




Our Spool Return Program allows you to send back your empty 5lb and 15lb Coex spools and in return, we will give you a $1.50 dollar credit in the form of Coex 3D Print Points. Spools will be checked in, we will then clean them up and re-use them again and again.

Due to our migration to chipboard spools, we have now ceased credits for any returned 1kg spools.

*To keep our quality level consistent, we only take back our own brand and we are always happy to have them.





Keep up to date with Coex 3D on our social channels and watch for more eco-friendly ideas and concepts coming soon!



Every few months we plan to reach out to our subscribers with a survey. Please help us out by filling out these surveys and keep the ideas and comments coming! Our Spool Return Program was inspired by customer feedback, as well as another recent example was our newest product line, CoexNylex™. While we can't implement everything that our customers request, we always want to know what is important to you.

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