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How can we help?




Filament isn’t the only thing that needs support from time to time.  We are here to help you be successful 3d printing.


Great Prints start with Great Filament.

However, having your slicer and 3d printer dialed in is essential also.  Below are material profiles you can download and import to your slicer.  If you don’t see your preferred slicer listed, let us know.  We will continue to add more.

Cura Coex Filament Profiles

PrusaSlicer/SuperSlicer Filament Profiles


Having issues with our filament? 

Feel free to call or email us. We will be more than happy to help you resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Email us or call us at (920) 757-1055


Spool Return Program

Coex 3D is happy to take back our original empty spools and give you a credit in the form of our Print Points.  Earn 150 Print Points for 5lb and 15lb spools.  Due to to our migration to chipboard spools, we have ceased our credit on 1kg spool returns.

Spools will be checked in and those that can be re-used will be cleaned up and put back into circulation.  Once we’ve checked them in we will add the Print Points to your account. 

Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to send them to us via UPS - email us at support@coex3d.com to let us know they are on their way.


Print Our Files

Below are files we created for you to download and print yourself.  Check back often, we will continue to add more.


Coex Crab 

Print your own Coex mascot, the Coex Crab (you have a better name, let us know).

Download Coex Crab


Coex Rocket  

Our Coex Rocket is a fun toy.  You can set it on a self and admire it. You can fly it with your hand and make “wooosh” sound effects.  You can glue it to the hood of your car to make everyone else jealous.  It’s multi versatile! 

Download Coex Rocket


Coex Printable Gift Card   

Giving the gift of a Coex gift card, but don’t have anything to wrap up, print one of these to give a physical gift card!

Download Coex Gift Card


Coex Vase

Printing an object in vase or surface mode is one of the most fun objects to print.  This is Coex’s design of a printable vase. Give it as a gift or place it on your own mantel.

Download Coex Vase


Coex Color Swatch  

This is the color swatch file we use to print all our colors and materials with.

Download Coex Color Swatch


Coex Desk Plate

Our Coex desk plate is another file to show off colors and printability.

Download Coex Desk Plate


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs, if you prefer) page!