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OmniaDrop Extruder

OmniaDrop Extruder

OmniaDrop Version
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OmniaDrop Extruder

The new OmniaDrop V2.1 comes in four versions.

  • The Standard version comes with two M4 threaded inserts. You can design the mounting plate according to your needs. The two threaded inserts need to be inserted into a 6 mm deep and 5.6 mm wide hole. The two mounting holes are 60 mm apart
  • The Hemera Mounting option which has two internal threads that are 34 mm spaced apart equivalent to the Hemera.
  • The Prusa Edition which was developed to be a drop-in replacement for a standard Prusa i3 printer. Specifically for the Prusa MK3s.
  • The Ender 3 Edition which was designed by Elia Palme to be directly mounted on the X-carriage of the Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro and Ender 3 V2.

We also carry a PTFE Lined HeatBreak upgrade.  This replaces the all metal HeatBreak and is quite beneficial for printing CoexFlex 60A.

Those that want to upgrade their OmniaDrop V1.4 to the OmniaDrop V2.1 can now do so. The Upgrade Kit comes with all the necessary parts to upgrade your OmniaDrop V1.4 to V2.1.

5:1 GEAR RATIO: OmniaDrop has a 5:1 gear ratio using a planetary gear system which allows for a small footprint. This gear ratio needs less torque to drive the 1.75 mm or 3 mm filament. Less torque means the use of a lighter stepper motor. As a result, the overall weight of the extruder is decreased to a minimum.
DUAL DRIVE GEAR: To achieve a perfect grip two filament drive gears are used in the OmniaDrop. The main drive gear is driven by the Plantary Gear Sytem. The idler drive gear has two ball bearing and is being driven by the main drive gear. Both drive gears are made from hardened steel. The new V2.1 Dual Drive Gears have now even sharper teeth that ensure a very secure grip on the filament.
COOLING BLOCK AND AIR FLOW: The cooling block is designed to vent the cooling air vertically upwards. This air flow system ensures that no breeze from the cooling block interferes with the printed part. This reduces the risk of warping.
SHORT FILAMENT PATH: To make the filament path as short as possible the cooling fins were moved to the side of the cooling block. A short and restricted filament path makes the extruder more reactive and gives the filament less options to kink. Additionally the dual drive gears grip the filament from both sides and pushes it evenly into the hotend. The combination of a short filament path and the dual drive gears make the OmniaDrop a optimal solution to print any kind of flexible filament.
RING HEATER: OmniaDrop uses a ring heater as a hotend. The advantages of a ring heater are:
  • An even power density around the nozzle

  • A better temperature distribution

  • A more responsive temperature measurement

  • A u-shaped or o-shaped part cooling fan can be located closer to the nozzle

PART COOLING FAN: By adding a part cooling fan, you get a more complete printing experience, because:
  • it is essential for some polymers, like PLA and TPU

  • it helps to print bridges and small features

  • it avoids curling on overhangs

E3D compatible nozzle system: E3D has probably the biggest selection of 3D printing nozzles on the market and are the market leader when it comes to hotends and nozzles. The OmniaDrop is compatible with the E3D V6 nozzle ecosystem, so that the nozzle diversity from E3D can be used. The OmniaDrop comes with an original E3D 0.4mm brass nozzle.
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