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Partner with Us, We Are Your 3D Printing Experts

We want to be your supplier

What can we do to make your printing experience easier? We are more than just a supplier of 3D filament, we are makers and creators just like you— contact us today.  We would love to hear from you!

Coex is a true partner, here to support your efforts and offer solutions.

When you choose Coex, you can expect:
  • An expert team with years of manufacturing and polymer engineering experience.
  • High tech extruding equipment intended for low and high volume runs of both standard and advanced polymers.
  • State-of-the-art lasers and pullers to ensure our products are always with in specification.
  • In-line and post-production drying capabilities to ensure our 3D printer filament has no moisture.
  • Custom spool sizes, ranging from 500g to 15lbs and beyond!
  • Availability to run our equipment 24/7.

Performance. Partnership. Innovation. When you buy 3D printer filament from Coex, you can expect quality products manufactured to the highest standards. Whether you are an engineer developing 3D prototypes at a large company or an entrepreneur whose hobby is creating products at home, well provide you the same level of excellent service and cutting-edge products.

Coex is also a true partner, here to support your efforts and offer solutions. We are known for our agility and can quickly adapt to your needs.

Contact Us to Become a Partner

There are a variety of ways to partner with usContact Coex 3D or call 920 757-1055 to discuss how we can partner with you.

Ways to Partner with Us

Contract Manufacturing

We offer contract manufacturing services, making 3D printer filament for companies that have a polymer and need a reliable partner with the equipment, capacity and expertise to make it. Using resin provided by our partners, we produce 3D printing filament for them on one of our in-house extrusion lines. We have the capabilities to make a variety of standard and high performance 3D printer filament types and want to be your 3D printing partner.

Private Labeling

As a Coex 3D printing filament partner, you can choose to private label one of our existing 3D printer filament products with your companys brand. We also can supply bulk product directly to your location or fulfill orders directly from our location in Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Bulk Pricing

We offer bulk pricing for those who want to resell high quality 3D printer filament, as well as, for those who have a need for large quantities. Email sales@coex3d.com for more information.

Nonprofit Discounts

Coex 3D partners with schools, universities, libraries, and nonprofits across the country. We provide discounts for qualifying educational facilities; all we need is your Tax Exempt Certificate or other certification of your non-profit educational organization status to get started! Email sales@coex3d.com for more information.

Partnering Companies

At Coex 3D, we believe in the power of partnerships. Here are some examples of companies we have collaborative partnerships with:

OEM Printer Companies

We partner with OEM 3D printer companies that are looking for their own brand of 3D printer filament. An example of a Coex 3D OEM partner is re:3D, maker of the life-sized Gigabot® 3D printer, and PrintIt Industries. We always welcome new OEM 3D printing companies; contact COEX 3D or call 920-757-1055.


If you are part of a MakerSpace and would like to try our 3D printer filament, please view our inventory. Because MakerSpaces are also places of learning, wed love to share our expertise with you! We are happy to give a presentation at your space, or have you tour our facility. Contact us for more information.

Additive Manufacturing Firms

Coex 3D has partnerships with additive manufacturers around the world, from large organizations to independent 3D printing and engineering firms. Our technical team can help you choose the best filament and give you bulk order discounts. Contact us for more information.

Schools and Nonprofit Organizations

Coex 3D is dedicated to giving back to the community. We like to share our knowledge and success by partnering with schools and nonprofit organizations to provide price discounts and donations. One of the largest organizations we support is the e-NABLE Community, a network of volunteers who use 3D printers to build hands and arms for people who are missing limbs. These custom prosthetic limbs are printed and shipped to those who can’t afford them. If you are interested in learning more about our educational and nonprofit partnerships, contact us or call 920 757-1055.

Join the COEX Community The COEX Community of avid 3D printing enthusiasts offers a networking and sharing space for 3D printing projects, tips and questions. Our growing community actively shares 3D printing projects and features the capabilities of COEX 3D’s filament first-hand. It’s quick and easy to upload a picture and description.