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Artillery Sidewinder X2

Artillery Sidewinder X2

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  • [Direct Drive Extruder] The advanced Titan extruder solves most of the problems of filament clogging and uneven extrusion, and achieves high-precision printing. And the maximum printing speed of 150 mm/s realizes high-efficiency printing.
  • [Dual Z-Axis Synchronization System] Dual Z-axis design, double screw drive, makes sure the X-Axis always move parallel to the lattice glass build platform and improves the printing quality.
  • [Automatic Leveling] The Artillery Sidewinder sw-x2 3d printer adopts an intelligent auto bed leveling design, it can automatically adjust the hot bed before printing. And the hot bed can be heated to 110°C within 2 minutes.
  • [Resume Printing Function] The Sidewinder x2 has the function of detecting the exhaustion of filament or power failure, and continuing to print from the position where printing stopped last time after recovery.
  • [Ultra-Silent Printing] 32-bit silent motherboard and exclusive ultra-quiet stepper driver effectively reduce working noise and achieve low-decibel printing mode. Even when the machine works during night, it will not affect your sleep.
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