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The Benefits of Printing with PLA Filament COEX 3D

The Benefits of Printing with PLA Filament

PLA filament is, by far, the most common and popular 3D printing material in use today. When 3D printing was first taking off, ABS was the main material used - simply because it was pretty much the only material available! Then came PLA - PLA was much easier to print and better for the hobbyist in many ways. It is now the go-to filament for every 3D printing hobbyist and even professionals! It's a versatile material with many benefits that may make it perfect for your next project.


In general, PLA is one of the cheapest filaments out there. It's ubiquitous and widely available and perfect for the hobbyist who doesn't want to spend too much per spool of material.

Ease of printing

PLA is by far one of the easiest materials to print with. It prints at a relatively low temperature compared to some materials. Coex 3D PLA prints best at 210°C - 220°C. A heated bed is recommended, and relatively low bed temperatures of 50°C - 60°C are also a benefit. Quite literally any FDM printer on the market can print PLA.

PLA also adheres well to a variety of print bed surfaces. PEI is by far the best (either textured or smooth), and glass beds with glue stick or Magigoo are a very popular option as well. Almost any print bed material you can think of will work well for PLA.

No harsh fumes

When printing with some materials such as ABS, fumes are released when the filament is melted. These fumes are often unpleasant and are also unhealthy. PLA does not release harmful fumes when printing, and only has a very slight smell (somewhat sweet, actually) to it. This makes it great for if you can't keep your printer in a separate area away from people.

Tons of colors

At Coex 3D we by far have the most color variety for our PLA. With over 30 different colors to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect hue for your project! And if you use a multi-material printing system, this allows for amazing creative potential with multi-colored prints.

Rigid, sturdy parts

PLA is often though of as a weak 3D printing material - but this couldn't be further from the truth. PLA is rigid and can be brittle, yes, but if you increase your perimeters and outer shells when printing, you can make some surprisingly strong parts! The difference with PLA is its rigidity - while materials such as PETG have some flex to them which lets them take up strain before breaking, PLA will often fail more suddenly when it does fail. That said, the functional possibilites are endless even with PLA.


PLA is a great material that is versatile, easy to use and affordable. Coex 3D PLA comes in a variety of colors to suit any project. If you have any questions about using PLA in your project or getting help choosing a material, reach out to us at support@coex3d.com!

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