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Performance. Partnership. Innovation. When you buy 3D printer filament from Coex, you can expect quality products manufactured to the highest standards. Whether you are an engineer developing 3D prototypes at a large company or an entrepreneur whose hobby is creating products at home, well provide you the same level of excellent service and cutting-edge products.

Coex is also a true partner, here to support your efforts and offer solutions. We are known for our agility and can quickly adapt to your needs.

We want to be your supplier

What can we do to make your printing experience easier? We are more than just a supplier of 3D filament, we are makers and creators just like youcontact us today. We would love to hear from you!

Coex is a true partner, here to support your efforts and offer solutions.
When you choose Coex, you can expect:

  • An expert team with years of manufacturing and polymer engineering experience.
  • High tech extruding equipment intended for low and high volume runs of both standard and advanced polymers.
  • State-of-the-art lasers and pullers to ensure our products are always with in specification.
  • In-line and post-production drying capabilities to ensure our 3D printer filament has no moisture.
  • Custom spool sizes, ranging from 500g to 15lbs and beyond!
  • Availability to run our equipment 24/7.

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Coex’s PLA filament is the most environment-friendly 3D filament solution. Because of its low toxicity, our PLA filament is a very popular choice in the 3D printing community. Also available is our PLA Prime, our high performance PLA 3D printing filament.


Coex's PETG filament is known for its durability and ease of use. It is often described as the “best of both worlds” because it has the rigidity and mechanical properties of ABS but is still easy to print like PLA. It makes a popular 3D printing material for many reasons.


Coex's ABS filament is a thermoplastic 3D printer filament that easily molds when heated and sets evenly when cooled. It is used by a variety of manufacturing industries for parts requiring structural integrity and detail and is ideal for “wear and tear” projects.


CoexFlexTPE and TPU filaments products offer you a variety of hardness ratings to give you the exact filament for projects that require flexibility but also resistance to shock and abrasion. It will allow you to produce items that will be outrageously strong but still give flexibility to the finished product.

Coex is More Than Your Average 3D Printing Supplier


Coex products are second to none and have an industry reputation for superior run reliability and overall quality. We use only prime virgin resins, colorants and processing additives to ensure the reliability of Coex 3D printer filament.


We offer many ways to be your 3D printer filament solution -- through contract manufacturing, private label programs, reselling, distribution. Because our equipment can produce short runs and high volumes of both standard and high performance polymers, we can offer a customized solution that fits your specific needs. Give us the opportunity to be your trusted partner!


We recognize that innovation never stops and we are continuously assessing new polymers and processes to improve the already unparalleled quality and reliability of our filament products. We are always experimenting and sharing tips to make your experiences exceptional.


We believe success is a great product delivered by great people. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. The knowledgeable staff at Coex is available to speak with you about your project, give you new ideas, and answer any questions you may have about 3D printer filament products.


We have technical expertise on site. The Coex team has longevity in the industry our average manufacturing employee has more than 10 years of experience. Because of this, you can be confident that you are not only getting a great product, but also the knowledge and expertise to address any questions you may have.


Our order-to-ship time is significantly faster than industry standard, so you can always count on us for on-time delivery. Because our 3D filament products are produced in the USA at our Pulaski, Wisconsin, facility, they can be shipped to any domestic location quickly and affordably.