Portfolio - Ornamental Railing Post Topper

Portfolio - Ornamental Railing Post Topper

A local religious institution reached out to us regarding an ornamental topper they have on one of their altars, they wanted to use this piece in more locations around the building as they remodel it. However - getting more of the same piece made would be very difficult as they were hand-carved in Germany over 100 years ago!

3D scanning this part presented a unique challenge as it was not feasible to remove the part, so it had to be scanned in-situ, with only some areas of the part visible for scanning. We scanned the part, edited the model and were able to re-create the entire piece for them to paint and use in the remodel.

Pictured below: The original part to be scanned and recreated and the 3D printed version after scanning and recreating the model.

An image of the original wooden ornamental topper we were tasked with scanning and recreating

A 3D printed model of the railing post topper