Coex 3D has new Ownership

Coex 3D has new Ownership

Todd Louthain has been leading Coex, LLC since April of 2020. Effective July 18th, 2022 Todd officially purchased the business from the previous owners- The Village Companies of Pulaski, WI. Todd will continue to lead sales and business development while Josh Bonnin will remain focused on the in house 3D Print Center and continue to oversee Production and Quality Control.

It is with great excitement that we are informing our customers and Vendors about a change of ownership. Coex, LLC has been owned by The Village Companies of Pulaski, WI since 2016. In 2020, The Village Companies graciously appointed me as the leader of this business. Many changes have happened since then to allow Coex to focus entirely on the additive manufacturing industry. For now, this includes the manufacturing of FDM filaments as well as expansion into commercial 3D Printing Services. As the business grows and evolves we will have more offerings in the future and this dedicated focus on additive manufacturing will continue to guide and define our path.

“I have been leading this company for a couple of years now and when the opportunity arose for me to purchase the business I knew that I was ready for that next step” Says Todd Louthain. “This couldn’t happen without the commitment from our existing team and they all agreed to go forward with me as we continue to build on the business foundation”. Coex is ready to move forward with a focus entirely on providing our customers with the best quality filaments proudly manufactured in Pulaski, WI and backed up with the customer support that you would expect from an employee owned business!

Coex 3D Contact Information:

Main Phone: 920-757-1055

Website: www.COEX3D.com

Address: Coex 3D, 660 Corporate Way, PO Box 558, Pulaski, WI 54162

Email Addresses:

Todd Louthain, Business Development          todd@coex3d.com

Josh Bonnin, Print Center and Operations     josh@coex3d.com

AP /AR / Purchasing                                        accounting@coex3d.com

Customer Support, General inquiries              support@coex3d.com

Purchase orders and sales inquiries               sales@coex3d.com

3D Printing and design services                      printcenter@coex3d.com


Coex 3D Financial Information:

If you are a commercial customer or vendor to Coex 3D and require or wish to update your records with our financial information for ACH Payments or Credit Terms please send your request to accounting@coex3d.com and we will be happy to provide you with our new banking information and an updated W-9 Form.