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Customer Spotlight: Jeff Skarda

Customer Spotlight: Jeff Skarda

We enjoy learning about what our customers are doing with our products and their own creativity and ingenuity. That's why this month's Customer Spotlight is very exciting! Meet Jeff Skarda and the business that he has created with his own invention, called Label Slayer.


Jeff is into making his own maple syrup and he is also into 3D printing. So why not combine the two and turn it into a business? So that's what Jeff did. This 3D-printed design was born out of his own frustration and a true need in the marketplace. There are plenty of label application devices on the market but Jeff saw room for improvement. This led to his own "spin" on a way to apply labels to his maple syrup bottles.


The Label Slayer has since expanded and uses the customized device to apply labels to bottles, cans, and jars. Jeff has customers from all over the country that find out about him mostly through word of mouth or via his YouTube posts on social media channels. According to Jeff, he spends very little time and money finding new customers- they all seem to find him! Now hobbyists making their own maple syrup, craft and home-brewed beers and wines as well as honey and jelly makers are keeping Jeff and his 3D printers running around the clock to keep up with demand.


Jeff's Prusa's



"We love working with Coex because they produce high quality and affordable products made in our home state of Wisconsin. This is not only convenient for pick-up or quick delivery but it also allows us to drop off our empty spools to be re-used by the Coex team," says Jeff. "We particularly love the 9-lb. rolls of Gunmetal Gray!"


In addition to the Label Slayer, Jeff has other products where he can apply his 3D printing skills. Check out what he is doing with his other business, Sap Spy. We look forward to seeing what other great products he comes up with in the future!


If you have turned your hobby into a business and have an interest in us showcasing what you are doing, please reach out to us and we may be able to highlight you in a future Customer Spotlight.

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