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CoexNylex™ is Taking Over

CoexNylex™ is Taking Over

A new filament lineup called CoexNylex is taking the printing world by storm. Coex 3D has recently introduced a much anticipated new product line of filaments called CoexNylex™. Only the finest PolyAmide raw materials go into this new line of engineering grade filaments so it easy to understand why CoexNylex is already gaining immediate traction in the printing community. The performance and aesthetics of the finished product are second to none. Also, the quality of the filament make it easy to print and everyone will appreciate the outstanding heat and chemical resistance. Finally, the competitive price tag makes it affordable for everyone to use. Add this all up and it is clear why CoexNylex™ is the new leader in the Nylon category.

“It was important to us that we introduced a Nylon product that has superior performance in all aspects. Of primary importance was that it can be printed on virtually any 3D printer. This FDM material produces prints that meet or exceed even the highest expectations of our commercial clients. Combined with the heat, chemical, and hydrolysis resistance, this product line will be in high demand”. Says Josh Bonnin, 3D Printing Director at Coex 3D.

The CoexNylex product line is over two years in the making. Because of the time and money already invested, an important next step was assembling a group on unbiased product testers. Coex had sent out a survey via email, the responses to this survey helped us narrow down and select about 40 customers to participate in our testing. We selected people with varying experience levels so the test group would represent the diversity of our customers. We also chose many people based on the machines that they own and use so that a variety of equipment would be represented in the results. The proof is definitely in the printing and we encourage you to read our tester’s results here.

“We demanded a lot from this product and CoexNylex™ has delivered!” says Josh. “We are excited and confident that it will deliver on the expectations of our customers.”

Natural (Unfilled) nylon, a Carbon Fiber reinforced and a Glass reinforced version are available. Because of this, you are sure to find a material for whatever your project demands. This new product line is a perfect complement to the already established CoexFlex™ line of TPE/TPU products.

“CoexNylex filaments are my new go-to for Nylon applications because it all printed easily and the results were everything I look for in a nylon. Durable, rigid and chemical and heat resistant. Furthermore, minimal tuning is necessary to produce immaculate finished products. CoexNylex™ is taking over as the leader in Nylon filaments!”

-Tester Matt K.
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