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Coex 2022 Print Contest Winners COEX 3D

Coex 2022 Print Contest Winners

Coex 2022 Print Contest Winners

As part of our new website, We wanted to feature unpainted prints from our customer using our filament. All we can say is WOW, these were great submissions.  

With our panel of four judges, we rated each submission based on a 1-10 scale in originality, print quality, creativity, technicality, and photo composition.  We have to say, this was a very difficult competition.  There were so many great submisions, narrowing down to just 5 winners was time consuming and several fist fights had to be broke up.

Without further ado, here are our 5 winners in no particular order:

Kent Felauer Coex print
The technicality, and functionality of this print was a thing of beauty to us.  We only wish we had a video of it working.
Richard Taylor Coex print The fun and functionality of this game piece, as well the colors, made this a judge favorite.
Rian Weaver Coex print
We loved the details and fine parts on this print.  The only thing that could have made this print more fun is if one of the burners was printed Scarlet Red.
Russ Caslis Coex print What can we say?  A toy: check, configurable and functional: check, Tron: CHECK!
This custom ram air intake really got things revving.  Customization is one of the best parts of 3d printing, but getting more power from it, yes please.

You can check out the other great submissions on our Coex 3D Homepage.  

Just because the contest is over doesn't mean we don't love seeing your prints.  Tag your instagram photos of your prints with #coexprints to show them off and have them featured on our site.

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