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CircuitRunners Robotics

CircuitRunners Robotics

One of the best things with being involved in the Additive Manufacturing industry is seeing young people learning and applying their skills in creative ways. 

Coex 3D always enjoys being able to support STEM based learning and one way that we can do that is by helping out groups like the CircuitRunners Robotics - Surge Team from Wheeler High School in Marietta, GA.  This team of talented kids is currently working on their robot for the upcoming annual competitions.  They have a fun tradition of naming their BOTS from inside jokes and this year the joke has been all about their design mistakes, we would like to introduce you to this years robot called "Mis-Input".


This group of young designers has plenty of experience printing with PLA and PETG and we were happy to help them with some spools of material for their robot.  You can see from the progress pics that they are excited about putting this material to good use.  


The guys are pretty excited to start printing with their new Coex 3D filaments!

Parts are being printed.  Mis-Input will be coming to life soon!


 Lucky for us that their team colors were a nearly perfect match for our Neon Green 60A TPU.  This team has a bunch of kids that embrace learning and taking on new challenges.  So far members of the three CircuitRunners teams have not had a chance to try printing TPU so we were happy to provide some material for them to learn how to do it.  The whole purpose of groups like this is to work together to expand their knowledge base and experiences of the participants. Based on what this team has accomplished in the past we have no doubt that they'll be pushing out successful flexible prints with CoexFlex™ and adding them to their creations in no time! 

We wish the very best of luck to the FTC and FRC CircuitRunners Robotics teams and we encourage you to watch and follow their progress- I know that the Coex 3D team will be cheering them on!

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