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3D Printing Trends You Should Know About in 2023

3D printing is a constantly evolving technology, and every year sees new trends emerging. At Coex 3D, our finger is always on the pulse of what's happening
in 3D printing. Here are some of the trends we've noticed in the industry and
among hobbyists.

Faster Printing & Multimaterial Printing

With the introduction of more advanced 3D printer firmware such as
Klipper and the extraordinary release of the
Bambu Lab X1 Carbon, hobbyists have been able
to push their printers to new limits, especially with speed. Plus with the
introduction of the AMS system, multimaterial printing is becoming much more

Industrial Prototyping

As 3D printing becomes more widespread and affordable, more and more industries are using it for prototyping their designs before sending them to production. The effectively zero tooling cost and ability to test multiple designs at once makes 3D printing an extremely popular option for many industries, and will
only become more popular.

Supply Chain Relief

3D printing continues to be a solution for industries and even consumers
that struggle to get parts due to supply chain issues. With just a 3D model
file and the raw material, a user can have a part they need in a matter of hours,
a lifesaver when lead times stretch out for months and months.

New Materials

As 3D printing becomes more and more widespread, materials manufacturers
are continuing to innovate and create new materials specific for 3D printing.
For instance, ASA is rapidly rising as an improvement over standard ABS, which
was one of the first materials available as a 3D printing filament. Many
high-end engineering-grade filaments are also becoming available, such as PEEK
and PEI.

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