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Scarlet Red PLA Prime

Scarlet Red PLA Prime



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Scarlet Red PLA Prime

Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable, eco-friendly plastic, known for its ease of use and low warpage quality. PLA Prime is our high performance PLA 3D printing filament. It is made from Natureworks Ingeo 3D850 and shows improved heat resistance, more toughness, good adhesion and less warping or curling than traditional PLA. PLA was always the go-to basic filament and is still recommended when you start your journey with 3D printing, without needing to change any of your profiles you can up your game by printing with Coex 3D PLA Prime - available in most of our standard PLA colors. 

This high performance material will be perfect for that special print or prototype that you've been wanting to make but weren't sure if PLA was the best material for the job.  Please realize though that all grades of PLA will still have limitations. If you truly need high strength and high heat resistance you may want to explore other materials for your project or part.

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