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Pumpkin Orange PLA Prime

Pumpkin Orange PLA Prime



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Pumpkin Orange PLA Prime

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is made with natural, renewable materials, such as starch, corn or sugar cane. Because these materials make up PLA, it is better for the environment than other materials, and it can be recycled. PLA Prime is made from a higher grade resin than our already high grade PLA resin. PLA Prime is a great material for prototyping and aesthetic models. Due to the ease of printing, PLA Prime filament is a popular choice, not only for beginners, but even pros.  PLA Prime is by far the most used filament by printers, beating out ABSPETGTPE/TPE, and Nylon for the top spot.

Coex's PLA Prime products are made with Virgin NatureWorks USA Ingeo resin and high quality colorant only, no fillers.  All of Coex's filament is made in our production facility, located in Wisconsin, USA and uses industrial grade extruders and laser measuring quality control. We provide filament that gives excellent looking & strong prints.

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