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PLA+SILK Sample Pack

PLA+SILK Sample Pack


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PLA+SILK Sample Pack

Try out each of our PLA+SILK color.  In this pack you will find 7 250g spools of all PLA+SILK colors of we produce.  See all these great colors in person.  

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Tolerance: At Coex 3D, we use multi axis laser measuring heads to ensure a tolerance of ±.03mm.

Quality: All Coex 3D printer filament is manufactured in our Green Bay, WI production facility. This allows us to ensure consistent quality for every spool through control of every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Packaging: Every spool of Coex 3D filament is thoroughly dried in our industrial dryer before being sealed. Spools are sealed with desiccant in a 4mil thick vacuum bag.

Tested: Coex 3D doesn't just sell filament, we use it on a daily basis. Our 50+ 3D printers are constantly running with our filament. We rely on our quality as much as our customers do.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rick S.
Great value, working really well

I am new to 3D printing and quickly used up the small starter roll supplied with my machine. The sild sample pack provided me several colors to experiment with and a good quantity of material to print with. I feel it was a good value and I have been getting great results with the silk and got the settings dialed in quickly. I have been printing Hot Wheels garages I designed for the grandkids, blue for the boys and pink for the girls and some generic black. Lots of fun!

Nick L.
It Just Works!

From the first layer I knew this was going to be a favorite of mine. It prints so nice and easily that it’s almost like a cheat code, and the colors are just fantastic.