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Black CoexNylex™ Unfilled Nylon

Black CoexNylex™ Unfilled Nylon

Part Number: CX21-0300-18-1KG


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Black CoexNylex™ Unfilled Nylon

Unfilled Nylon, Black in color.  CoexNylex™ combines outstanding heat resistance with chemical and hydrolysis resistence

CoexNylex™ Nylon is manufactured from the highest quality nylon developed by Dupont. Coex Nylex is able to be printed on most 3D printers to produce extremely durable and strong parts.

Recommended print settings:

  • Print on a solvent-cleaned surface heated to 85°C-110°C
  • Recommended print temperature 245°C-295°C
  • Part cooling fan is not recommended. It may cause layer delamination.
  • Start retraction at 1-1.5 mm at 10-30 mm/sec for direct-drive extruders and 2.5 mm at 30-35 mm/sec for indirect-drive extruders

CoexNylex Unfilled TDS

CoexNylex Trial Results

nylon strength test

*Graph courtesy of Ryan Laffin; Nylex Customer Test Participant

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