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Black CoexFlex™ 60A TPU

Black CoexFlex™ 60A TPU



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Black CoexFlex™ 60A TPU

**60A is very soft and can be challenging to print with.  We recommend a direct drive extruder with a contained filament path (it will squeeze out any gap it can) and a PTFE-lined hot end (it tends to stick to the walls of an all-metal hot end). Seasoning an all-metal hot-end may help.**

CoexFlex™ 60A TPU is, by far, the most flexible filament on the market. At Shore 60A, it is much softer than Ninjaflex or Filaflex, feels like a rubber band, and produces finished parts that are completely flexible no matter what infill density you use. Highly functional for applications that require stretch, flexibility, or compliance. (NOTE: Only printable with select printers capable of printing this durometer of filament. A direct drive extruder is required.)

Benefits of CoexFlex™ 60A TPU

  • Excellent layer adhesion
  • Incredible flexibility and elasticity
  • Great durability


  • Soft handles and grips
  • Protective cases and skins
  • Custom-shaped seals and gaskets
  • Soft and flexible functional parts

Recommended print settings

  • Hotend Temperature: 205°C – 215°C (DO NOT approach or exceed the material breakdown temperature of 230°C)
  • Bed Temperature: Bed heating not recommended.
  • Recommended build surfaces/adhesives:
    • BuildTak
    • PEI
    • Kapton Tape
    • Hairspray
    • Magigoo Flex
    • Magigoo
    • Painter’s Tape
  • Print speed – up to 40mm/s. Start very slow (20mm/s) and work up from there. Slow down for bridging and infill.
  • Extrusion multiplier – up to 1.25 compared to rigid material, depending on extruder tension
  • Extrusion width – 105% of nozzle diameter (0.42 for a 0.4mm nozzle)
  • Part cooling fan recommended

Tolerance: At Coex 3D, we use multi axis laser measuring heads to ensure a tolerance of ±.03mm.

Quality: All Coex 3D printer filament is manufactured in our Green Bay, WI production facility. This allows us to ensure consistent quality for every spool through control of every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Packaging: Every spool of Coex 3D filament is thoroughly dried in our industrial dryer before being sealed. Spools are sealed with desiccant in a 4mil thick vacuum bag.

Tested: Coex 3D doesn't just sell filament, we use it on a daily basis. Our 50+ 3D printers are constantly running with our filament. We rely on our quality as much as our customers do.

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