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Coex 3D Print Center

At Coex 3D we are more than just filaments. We also have in-house printing capabilities with a 3D Print Center. Since moving our business in 2020 we have changed our overall business model to focus entirely on supporting the additive manufacturing industry. One of those changes included the addition of a 3D Print Center. Josh Bonnin came on board as the Print Services Manager at Coex 3D in November of 2020 to establish and manage our Print Center. "Offering 3D printing and engineering services is a natural fit for Coex," says Josh. "In addition to this being a smart source of revenue for our business, it also gives us the ability to run our own filaments through our own machines. How better to understand the importance of quality filaments than to depend on them to make prints for our customers!"



By December of 2020, Josh had a few small machines running. In early 2021, he added a pair of Raise 3D N2 Plus machines, and later in 2021, when we took on the Creality product line, he set up a few more machines for customer jobs.


We are expanding our 3D Print Center with a new addition, a Modix Big 60 FDM printer. This machine definitely falls into the category of "some assembly required". There were many boxes and hundreds of parts scattered across our showroom floor but it's been cool seeing this machine come together. Josh has done an amazing job to get this machine almost ready to fire up!





We have plenty of commercial work lined up for our new Big 60 but I'm hoping that we can make some big prints, especially for our showroom. We're even hoping to play around with it to print a humongous Coex Crab!


Stay tuned for more pics and descriptions of what Coex offers outside of making great filaments. For those of you that are wanting to make something a little bigger than what your machines can print please feel free to reach out to Josh at josh.bonnin@thevillage.bz.

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