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3D Printer Flexible Filaments

3D Printer filament consists of many types of thermo-plastics. It’s not uncommon for hobbyist to feel limited to only printing PLA and PETG. You’re better than that and you’ve got a great resource in Coex. Get in front of that printer and improve your skills by learning how to print with flexible filaments. Coex, LLC has an extensive background with extruding flexible filaments and has a line of filaments that consists of a wide variety of TPE and TPU Materials. In simplest terms, these are Thermo Plastics that contain an Elastomer. The elastomer will produce a part that will have some level of flex or stretch but remain surprisingly durable. The amount of flexibility is dependent upon the overall amount of elastomer in the compound. The softness of the material is measured and described on a durometer scale.

You will likely be surprised to learn that CoexFlex™ can be printed on a wide variety of 3D printers. I’m certain that on your machine at home you can print PLA and PETG, additionally- you can also very likely print many of the CoexFlex™ line of 3D printer filaments. Coex will be more than happy to offer tech tips and advice on what to use. We can walk you through what product to choose and how best to print with our CoexFlex™ line of filaments. It’s easier than you may think and that will make you a better hobbyist printer!

Some ideas on what to print with a flexible filament material could be R/C car parts- from tires and wheels to shocks, body parts and bumpers. TPE and TPU material can be used to make footwear, insoles and supportive braces. If you’re into cars, people are printing everything from shifter boots to gaskets and exhaust fittings. You should give it a try just to show off your skills to your family and friends- start by printing something simple like drink coasters or any number of designs that are easily downloaded. Get creative with your thinking! Try it for yourself and find CoexFlex™ flexible 3D filaments to be some of your favorite and most impressive materials to run.

    • Black PLA Filament
      Black CoexFlex™ 30D TPE 1.75mm
    • Natural CoexFlex™ 40D TPE 2.85mm
      Natural CoexFlex™ 40D TPE 2.85mm
    • White PLA Filament
      White CoexFlex™ 60D TPE 1.75mm
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