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Black CoexNylex™ Glass filled Nylon

Black CoexNylex™ Glass filled Nylon

Part Number: CX22-0300-18-1KG


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Black CoexNylex™ Glass filled Nylon

CoexNylex™ nylon 3D printing filaments bring together excellent stiffness and strength with outstanding heat, chemical and hydrolysis resistance. CoexNylex™ 3D filaments feature excellent printing characteristics including good printing speeds and lower moisture absorption than PA6 copolyamide, so you’ll get less variability during printing operations.

  • CoexNylex™ Glass is a glass fiber material containing 30% glass fiber fill.
  • Print on a solvent-cleaned surface heated to 85°C-110°C
  • Recommended print temperature 245°C-295°C
  • Part cooling fan is not recommended. It may cause layer delamination.
  • Start retraction at 1-1.5 mm at 10-30 mm/sec for direct-drive extruders and 2.5 mm at 30-35 mm/sec for indirect-drive extruders.
  • A hardened nozzle is recommended for glass or carbon filled CoexNylex™.

Check out Nathan Tsoi's detailed analysis of various engineering-grade filaments, including Coex Glass Filled Nylex. Not to brag, but we fared pretty well!

CoexNylex Glass Filled TDS

CoexNylex Trial Results

nylon strength test

*Graph courtesy of Ryan Laffin; Nylex Customer Test Participant

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