Coex3D is now offering CX-Glass.  CX-Glass is an amorphous copolyester filament that has excellent printing properties and can be processed on higher temp printers.  CX-Glass is stronger and more translucent than PLA.  CX-Glass needs to be processed at higher temperatures on most printers.  Exact temps vary from printer to printer but expect CX-Glass to print around or above 240C.  Typical temps are at 250C with an 80% flow modifier setting to compensate for die swell.

Diameter: 1.75mm

Material:  coPET

Color:  Natural

Weight: 1 lb Spool

Item Number: CX04-001-18.5


Comments from Joe S on CX-Glass


Also, I’m ordering more of your CoPET as it has produced excellent, incredibly strong parts. I was wondering if you’d experimented at all with dyeing parts printed in CoPET and if you could share what you’ve found if so. Nice work – I like it a lot.  The part that sold me was a holder for a small cylinder shaped device. With two perimeters and 20% line infill I am unable to get any deflection of the cylinders using two fingers and it has a very strong, solid feel. The closest thing I could compare it to is PC.



CX Glass 4 CX Glass 3 CX Glass 2 CX Glass 1


3 thoughts on “Coex3D launched CX-Glass CoPET filament

    • Hi Anthony-
      The CX-Glass has an inherent viscosity (IV) of 0.72 and a thermal glass transition (Tg) temperature around 212 F. Heat deflection properties Thermal glass transition temperature is as follows:
      @66psi, >200F D648

      Hope that helps

  1. 1. Since you reference PLA in the description and PLA does not require a heated bed, does the CX-Glass require a heated bed?
    2. Is this similar to the Taulman T-Glase?

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