BIG NEWS: Filament Made in the USA, Ships from the USA

Many of you have seen that a certain 3D printer manufacturer is now jumping into 3D printer filament manufacturing. And while we love their printers (use one in our lab here, in fact), we believe that we know a thing or two more about our number one job: making 3D printer filament.

Our own brand of filament has a reputation in the industry as the highest quality filament available. (Just ask our partners who trust us… like DuPont!)

How is Coex filament superior?

Physical measurements:

Our technologically advanced extrusion equipment and laser micrometers ensure quality and consistency of our 3D printer filament. Our systems are set to alarm at tighter tolerances than we advertise and the alarms almost never sound. *That* is the kind of attention to detail our extrusion operators pay to our end product. We are developing a by-spool report that’s linked to our laser measurement system to provide our customers proof that we don’t just say we hold to tight specs – we do it! Watch for links to your spools specs on our new filament labels in the coming months.


Have we mentioned…? Our extrusion operators watch our production lines like hawks! Color and material properties are consistent throughout every spool of Coex filament and from spool to spool of any one type/color of filaments you get from us. The only time you will see color change in our filament is in our “mystery colors” spools… but that’s the point! Even then, we make sure to hold the same tight specs on our filament diameter and ovality… on material available to you at nearly half price.

Printing properties (affected by the resins and additives):

We use only prime virgin resins — yes, the more expensive resins! — and colorants/processing additives to ensure that our customers can rely on our filament for superior run ability.

Quality of care in manufacturing:

Our strict quality standards ensure optimal performance, superior run reliability and premium resolution of all our 3D printing materials.

These are just some of the real, live people who make our filament. They take pride in their work!

3D Filament made in the USA

3D Filament made in the USA

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Coex 3D printer filament is Made in the USA… so it ships *from the USA.* We don’t skimp on the raw materials or cut corners in our manufacturing processes so that we can make lower-quality filament to ship to you from far-flung locations.

Shop here for $5 flat rate shipping or FREE shipping with an order of $100+*

Big THANKS to our fans who already know how great our filament is. It’s “old news” but still great news… so PLEASE SHARE!

*Lower 48 States


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