Coex Creates

Coex Creates

One of the things that amazes me every time I visit the shop, is the amount of activity around printing, training, and innovation. The team has a number of projects going on, from exposing a webcam to our new printing area for 24/7 coverage of our Gigabot, to a new extruder being installed over the next couple weeks.

Webcam on Gigabot connected to a Raspberry PI for broadcast to external devices

Camera on Gigabot

Printed enclosure for the Pi

Printed Enclosure for PI

Printing coil sample boxes (Mass customization at it’s finest, printing these ourselves saved the firm over $6,000)

Printed Coil Sample Boxes

Printed Coil Sample Insert

Finished Printed Sample Coil Box

Finished Printed Sample Coil Box

Printed prototype for a local firm looking to gauge the viability of 3D printing for proving out their designs

Printed Prototype with Bolt

Printed Prototype with Bolt

Royal Blue MG-94 was featured the February Makerbox release!

Filament prototype tied in knots!

Vinyl Filament Sample

Tweaking our Folgertech FT-5

Tweaking the FT-5

We completed our new extruder install, adding capacity for a growing firm!

Coex Creates - Coex 3D Filament Extruder

That brings up the question, what can we do for you?! From custom colors, to printed prototypes, to custom sized spools, to white label opportunities filament opportunities, Coex3D is excited to hear from you! Give us a call at 920-757-1055 or email us at to discuss any opportunities you or your firm has.

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